Sunday, December 4, 2011


We should never sacrifice life for our country, just one among many nations, all are merciless, demanding more than God-- but we should constantly prepare to live and die for the one true God, who embraces all.   
We in the abundantly blessed USA must make a good examination of conscience this Advent.  “Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths,” we are told in this Sunday’s Gospel.   John the Baptist has called everyone out of their comfort zones, out of homes and courtyards into the desert, to occupy sites near the river Jordan.  Be baptized by water, and then the spirit.  We have been fighting two unjust wars, one for more than a decade.  Neither was of last resort—a major one of the 9 conditions, each of which has to be met for those who seek to call a war just. 
John the Baptist--a voice crying in the desert
Now Jesus comes to forgive sins—repent, change your mind and heart.  None of us has done enough to reverse Iraq & Afghanistan, all of us too complicit in wars fought by misguided leaders for oil, money, & power.
A boy sits in debris from Speicher Base near Sokur, Iraq, which housed American troops until they left the site on Oct 20-- NYT Photo Nov. 16, 2011
final point for contemplation for Christians who are to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace, in this Holy season, within a world wracked by wars.  Where in the Gospels, or in your deepest heart, does Jesus tell you—“Kill your enemies before they kill you” ?  Where does the One who lived and died in expiation of all the world’s sins, plant the seed for a justified war?

Illumination by Kathy Brahney

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