Monday, April 1, 2013


Ande Gaines McCarthy R.N. - this winter recording a VNA visit on tablet computer--her snowflake art in background

et me tell you about Ande,  my love and counterpoint inspiration for 35 years now.  She can be as aggravatingly stubborn as I am, always has her own opinion, eventually making mine better through the contest of mind and spirit.  Mine, the realm of principle, striving for truth in politics and faith.  Hers, the direct intimate care of people, now her elderly patients on deaths’ door—earlier on, of our kids, helping them take on the world, teasing them into life’s joy and beauty at every opportunity.

She wants everyone to get moving, do something, make music, most of all have fun.  She’ll tickle it out of you, young or old, family or not, no matter the Detroit blunt cut downs, or “praise the Lords” on high, it might take.  Always ready to break out in tears of deep silent resonance, when the feeling’s right and beautiful.  That happens often.

Ever since high school she’s wanted to be, and is, a nurse.  She’ll keep caring for us all, from kids in war-torn Afghanistan, to our children and grandkids, to her Marwood sick and old friends {remaining from before her mom died there}.  All are welcome, included in her care, as long as she’s given time on this planet.
As I tilt with my pen, and projects, against the giants of poverty-racism-militarism, I see her now by my side in the different but same battle, and realize how much I’ve been blessed—how much I love her.  She constantly shows me new ways to cast out the darkness.  She reveals the sunshine of God’s love, to help warm our hearts, as many as she can, as the world struggles onward.

On our wedding day -- June 24, 1978
Illumination art by Kathy Brahney

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