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NORAD command bunker in Colorado
NORAD blast doors
 Below -- photos reportedly from security storage bunker in Kansas







Easter 2002 -- From an earlier unpublished writing --

          We’ve allowed the election of a government of grey flanneled suit troglodytes, a shadow government under Virginia mountains. Whether above or below ground, they give us the constant high sign of red light / green light homeland security, and a wink to corporate colleagues as they invest our dollars in the business of hi-tech war.  Oil weaponeers.  Ever think how much fuel is consumed in a war where the average flight to Afghan target by each high altitude bombers is 1000 miles, every bomber equivalent to a giant bundle of SUV’s?  And President George Bush Jr. has called this war on terrorism a war of “infinite duration.”  {As quoted in a Times Herald TV section article, 3-8-02, on Ted Koppel defending his news program’s debates on national war policy.}
From a NYT article -- laser guided missiles from 5 miles up have been our Afghanistan war standard.
          Our military industrial complex is the modern world’s version of the golden calf.  It now demands perpetual adoration by all politicians and taxpayers.  Weapons, oil, drugs and their laundered or respectable money are the coins of the global realm, and are constantly paid in tribute to the highest bidders worldwide as long as some slight allegiance is made to the powers that be—not democracy.  Witness the ongoing situations in Columbia, Chiapas, Central America, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the Middle East. It doesn’t matter which side we’re on as long as money wins.

           President Bush’s "axis of evil" points straight back to a heart of darkness and stone here in the high places of the USA. A heart bristling with weapons unable to disarm, unable to offer true charity, justice and mercy.  A heart of nuclear war centurions that mocks a King who refuses to call down destruction on thousands or millions of subject souls, who refuses to come down from His cross claiming the worldly crown of firepower—as they have done and continue to do.                                                                                                                                 
White Cricifixion -- by Chagall
           If we believe the Son of God called Lazarus from the tomb, rose from the dead, and promised we will also, then we can cease offering up our copious first fruits to the gods of war, the weapons-of-mass-destruction-and-death military machine.  April 15th—False god tribute day—soon follows Easter.  The challenge of faith is to find a way to choose life instead.  This Easter Sunday let us pray for the inspiration to so change our lives and hearts, truly respect life, and renew the face of the earth.  Let’s live on the planet with all our brothers and sisters, not under its surface in hardened command centers hoarding our goods and stifling our blessings.

 A few of the 750,000 Communist era bunkers [1 for every 4 people] in Albania -- engineered by former dictator,
 Enver Hoxha -- photo by David Galjaard

More than a decade of war has passed and persists, since Easter 2003. What has really changed?  Syria is now the main theater of war.  The death dealing show must go on.  The Department of Homeland Security increases control of our lives, borders, and travel. We must give the Just War Theory a thorough Christian burial, if we want to fully welcome the Resurection—new life.
For inspiration on ways to resist and redirect war taxes --


There is promise of another way of life, from daily scripture of two Monday's ago---

          Reading 1 Isaiah 65:17-21

Thus says the LORD:
Lo, I am about to create new heavens
and a new earth;
The things of the past shall not be remembered
or come to mind.
Instead, there shall always be rejoicing and happiness
in what I create;
For I create Jerusalem to be a joy
and its people to be a delight;
I will rejoice in Jerusalem
and exult in my people.
No longer shall the sound of weeping be heard there,
or the sound of crying;
No longer shall there be in it
an infant who lives but a few days,
or an old man who does not round out his full lifetime;
He dies a mere youth who reaches but a hundred years,
and he who fails of a hundred shall be thought accursed.
They shall live in the houses they build,
and eat the fruit of the vineyards they plant.



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