Monday, November 2, 2015


 Mom {Mary P. Oleary McCarthy, Died Sept. 19, 2011} and Dad {Joseph F. McCarthy, Still very much with us}
On date at Iowa State Union.

I believe we have all known at some time or other that all-present unconditional merciful unmerited love.  We have experienced it.  Someone has shown it to us.  It may have seemed too brief.  We wanted more.  But to have this, we then must give it on to another.  This love is worth living for, and is even to die for, as we all will someday, and into the arms of Jesus who has already and forever done this for us.  The hope is that each and every one of us can remember this, and be part of this beloved community as often as possible, moment to moment on earth as it is in heaven—where we’ll all be back together again.   And surprised by the multitude we might have thought could never make it.

Celebrated today in Mexico : Dia de los Muertos - Home altar

Remember in prayer the 43 Mexican students of Ayotzinapa, disappeared, missing now over a year.

Also will forward on to you the beautiful eulogy homily given by Fr. E.C. McCarthy for a long time friend, soldier, who became life-long peacemaker.

Illumination by Kathy Brahney

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