Monday, January 12, 2015


Kim Jong Un, leader of N Korea, & Dennis Rodman, former Detroit Pistons basketball star

Kim Jong Un - from the Interview

The USA Today story headlines “Obama imposes sanctions on N. Korea for Sony hack.”  Their arms industry is now the specific target of our sanctions.  And the specific insult of a film which made a parody of assassinating N. Korea’s current dictator was the initial provocation for their internet attack on Sony’s industry.   You must attack our most vacuous movies to make us finally embargo N. Korea’s armament makers?

Why were we comfortable with any of their weapons business in the first place?   They have long been an avowed enemy and a prime part of the “axis of evil.”  Evil except when they were helping Pakistan build a nuclear weapon, when Pakistan was our erstwhile ally allowing our troops access to Afganistan?   And who knows how many others of our friends and enemies they’ve been helping with guns and bombs.   Our government for decades has just been giving N. Korea a wink and a nod.

The business of war is a crazy amoral adventure, for the benefit of profiteers and political strategists.   We point powerful fingers at impoverished N. Korea for promoting war, as if we didn’t.

This Sunday was the feast of the Baptism of the Lord Jesus by John the Baptist—a voice crying in the desert, “Repent, repent.”   Here in Tila at the parish of San Mateo in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico the indigenous faithful are celebrating the 300 year old miracle of Nuestro Senor de Tila, on January 15th.   They have new hope that some space has opened up for peace and a new justice, from out of a time of conflict here between rich and poor, and between political factions.  Violence has diminished, but good work and opportunity are still scarce.    As in the USA the birthday recognition of Martin Luther King approaches, champion of Gospel nonviolence, on this same Jan. 15th, may the miracle of God’s mercy and justice continue to convert all corners of the world.

One of the three big processions a day, thousands of people, for 5 days leading up to Jan 15 the biggest procession, in a town of 7000 inhabitants, some do come from miles around.

Martin Luther King's national holiday birthday celebration in the USA
 also -- Jan 15th
His dream yet unrealized.
His first principle of organizing for justice with nonviolence
on a previous billboard in Port Huron, MI.

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