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Faith Perspective on War & Peace II

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Working independently and without staff since inception on Faith Perspective on War & Peace these past five years leads me to adopt a new business model.  Writing and working for peace should have some hope of covering expenses and making a small profit in our society. Rather than monetizing the space with disruptive ads, this is a request for support subscriptions of $10 per year made by check sent to this address—Michael McCarthy, Faith Perspective on War & Peace II, 2714 Stone St., Port Huron, MI  48060.   Your check is your receipt.  Please send any suggestions with payments,  or to my email –

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I’ll continue to try to write and illustrate informative articles that seek to unite on common ground the concerns of liberal, radical, conservative and devotional members of our churches and communities.

                               INNOCENTS DIE = UNJUST WAR
Ralph Peters talks to Sean Hannity: "This is war, dude!"
Sean Hannity with guest Ralph Peters

Fox Pundit: Civilians Die–Get Over It!  [from Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting]

A commentator for Fox news recently hit war’s nail on the head, “But my contacts within the chain of command, people involved in this operation, are furious that Obama's put incredible targeting restrictions on them, doesn't want any civilian casualties! This is war, dude! Civilians die! They're going to die!”  Retired Lt. Col, Ralph Peters was criticizing the war policy of our recently begun bombing of targets in Syria.   This was on the Sean Hannity Show, and consistent with Peters views as we prepared to invade Iraq, when he wrote a WSJ article, "Civilian Casualties: No Apology Needed."

This may be a common attitude for some dudes of war, but for a Christian it is morally forbidden.   Although they do not appear in the Gospel, the only traditional way a Christian can participate in the killing of war, is by strict observance of the Just War Theory’s conditions—all of them.  The U.S. Catholic Bishops, in their 1983 Pastoral Letter, “The Challenge of Peace” specify one, among the many. “Moreover, the lives of innocent persons may never be taken directly, regardless of the purpose alleged for doing so.” [from Sec. 104]

The fact that this is impossible to do in modern warfare should be a radical caution to all Christians—Do not fight wars. “Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called the sons and daughters of God.” Mt 5:9


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