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Marie Joseph spiritual Center -- Biddeford Pool, ME
Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy is a remarkable man, priest of the Melkite {Eastern rite} Roman Catholic church, from Irish South Boston, Notre Dame scholar, former lawyer, husband to his wife Mary, father of 13 children, and studious persistent preacher of the full Gospel of Jesus Christ—nonviolent merciful love of friend and enemy.  Ande and I are blessed and challenged having known him for some 35 years.  Last week we made a retreat with him and about 50 others including my brother Dan, at a seaside old-time resort center now run by a community of              sisters.  We were just up the coast from Kennebunkport, Maine, the Presidents Bush family compound nearby, where an aircraft carrier was being dedicated to the elderly President Bush.  The two messages, from celebration of sophisticated technical floating firepower, to belief in the eternal power of unconditional love and mercy, couldn’t have been much farther apart.

ere below are some sample ideas of what we contemplated and discussed, supported by daily Eucharist and Scripture.  For an online short overview, see Fr. McCarthy’s video, Introduction to the History, Theology and Spirituality of Gospel Nonviolence. Also spend some time on his website.  The article, Abortion and War has particular resonance for the politics of the day.     ***      God is rich in mercy.  Mercy saves.  Jesus is God's mercy and love incarnate.  May we continue to learn, live and spread this good news, in our times a new evangelism,  putting away the swords of violence throughout our world.

I give you a new commandment, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  Jn 13: 34
In discussions of whether ends justifies means, loving as Christ loved is the only means available for Christians.   -- Fr. ECM

Christ’s love is--the willingness to serve without desire for reciprocation, the willingness to suffer without retaliation, the willingness to reconcile without domination.  -- Fr. ECM
One act of Christ-like love is worth more than all other acts combined.  -- St. John of the Cross

If you cannot say on the basis of the New Testament that Jesus was nonviolent, you cannot say anything about Jesus.  It is the clearest of teachings.  – Fr.  J. L. McKenzie, scripture scholar
No one has presented a practical plan for peace on earth, other than Jesus of Nazareth.  – Fr. JLM

The single greatest impediment to salvation is wealth.  – Fr. JLM
Jesus came to save all.  – St. Edith Stein

When you love, with Christ-like love, you participate in the eternal.   -- Ande Gaines McCarthy,   ------ summation of the week's retreat.

Illumination by Kathy Brahney

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  1. Fr. McCarthy is a dear man and a great influence on my life.