Monday, November 21, 2011


Free marketeers by Pat Bagley
I started writing this at the beginning of last summer.  The problem of mounting corporate greed and its politics continues to assail us.  How long, O Lord, how long…? Psalm 13

Obama’s presidency is under siege.  He’s far from perfect, but come on, give the guy a chance.  Instead we have Congressional stonewaller gridlockers of both parties.  No adequate spending to stimulate local economies allowed; no return to the pre-Bush administration slightly more progressive tax rates which had been keeping us solvent, with the rich paying a fairer share.  This by order of the corporate superintendents of congresses’ “super committee.”    All chance for economic success denied, except for the bankrupt “trickle down” {from the rich to the rest of us--you think?} method.  The concept of a “loyal opposition” is dead and buried.  The practice of hardball politics is in full swing.
The loyal opposition -- by Oliphant
All tactics are fair, no matter how despicable.  Our black president is portrayed as a Hilter.  Every day media racism rears its ugly talking heads.  Voting rights are under attack in multiple legislative schemes, devised by preserve-the-wealth think tanks.  Fiscal crisis is upon us – and will be maintained-- until the new corporate personhood effects its regime change.   The three headed monster, racism-militarism-poverty, Martin Luther King warned about is freely roaming our world seeking the ruination of souls.
Cerberus, guardian of Hades 
{incidental name choice?--Cerberus Capital Management, L.P one of the world's leading private investment firms}
Corporate countries are enslaving, worldwide, the displaced legions they’ve caught in the global web of their war profit schemes.  Kingdom-makers who’ve lost touch with the real people they depend on for their survival.  They try to rule from lonely tall walls of lofty prosperity—their self-directed proclamations wrecking havoc on the people who form the base of their strong-holds.  
The financials industry and their politicians create fear as part of political policy.  Real well-informed democracy is dangerous to their interests, they believe, so everyone is to be kept off balance, clutching to their pocketbooks.  Expeditious asphyxiations of consumer confidence are the rhythm of the marketplace.  A wobbly Wall Street helps keep popular aspirations in check.  The Occupy Wall Street movement sees this clearly, and tries to sound the alarm for everyone, the 100%, to hear.
The Battle of Jericho
It will all come tumbling down, if we can find the way to blow horns of Jericho together, marching round in the right spiritual harmonic.  The system of fortress America cannot stand.  Isolated individualists at the top towers inside, have laid siege to themselves.  The dark dust of collapse will cause labored breathing for all within, and without, our castle walls.  Survival depends on the walls being breached with strong open arms, allowing our interconnectedness with fresh air from all directions—winds borne from the earth’s four corners.  This is how our nation was formed we must remember.

he freedom to plunder each other with a free hand and without remorse, must be put to flight as the Great Deceiver it is.  We are a global community that in learning to serve each other equally, will come to receive the sustaining breath of the Creator, the atmosphere and solidarity, of truly blessed sons and daughters of God.

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of Christ the King, and the Gospel of his Last Judgement, Mt 25: 31-46.  Congress should take heed this holy judgment—those who will be favored, chosen for salvation, are those who generously serve the least of the brethren, not those who protect the war-coffers budget of the rich.
The Last Judgement by Michaelangelo

By the next day, 11-15-11, after eviction--The Occupy Wall Street folks are back in full swing at Zuccotti Park [NYC]— even bringing back the food line- Photo, Aaron Showalter - New York Daily News

Illumination by Kathy Brahney

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