Monday, October 24, 2011


Le Cantique des Cantiques I, 1960 Huile sur papier marouflé sur toile musée national Message Biblique Marc Chagall

On Wednesday morning Oct, 19, 2011
Today I felt again, reflecting after communion {on my friend’s accident, Mom’s death, my wife and family, an end to war}, the warm loving hand of God on my shoulder—a pleasant gentle flutter about head and shoulders momentary brush of wings of Holy Spirit, a physical lifting with Jesus all around, a union like the deep sexual love that comes also at times with my forever beautiful Ande married one—an eternal moment of complete trust lasting only minutes promising everything.  These times, scattered through life, arrive as profound surprises whether in bedroom, church, mountaintop, at lake sunset, or from the handshake of an at first repulsive beggar giving back to you what you did not earn. 
Praying Hands  by Albrecht Durer

They rise from mundane acts of kindness, or just in perseverance without rancor to necessary tasks.  They are prayers initiated by God, when you are open, that capture you.  You must know the feeling of which I speak.  They shake you body and soul more like levitation than down to the toes as in lovemaking.  Centered on face and shoulders, more gentle, like a kiss from God.  Knowing that you are in the right place the present moment, and that you are loved and cared for even when you’re not experiencing it.  Union with God, my wife, family, friends, enemies, the earth, and all the community of the faithful at once.  Mindful right now of Eucharist.  Thank you God.
It’s like a shudder sudden takes your breath away for a minute while all creation breathes for you.  Complete assurance that All is well and will be well and the gates of hell cannot prevail against.

If you commune often enough, God does come, in all glory body and soul, while transfigured only for a brief moment in your time.  Those times God chooses to knock your socks off—sometimes tragic and humbling, often the incomprehensible pleasure of divine assurance.
From scripture scholar John Pilch's webpage dedicated to Jean Peters Pilch---Song of Solomon 6-3, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine"-- Illustration by Raban-1930

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