Friday, December 25, 2009


December 25, 2009

This Christmas Day we ask President Obama, the nation’s politicians and financiers to take the high ground again, remembering the humble birth of God on earth. God’s son who grew up to tell us that to be great, you had to wash the feet of your followers.

Lead us by calling for the rich and powerful to come down from their glass plated ivory towers, and do a year or two’s service with Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Christian Peacemaker Teams, , or Mortensen’s Central Asia Institute. Rally the youth of our country to do the same. They are ready willing and able. Support their efforts. Two years of national service with any of the many religious and secular groups, doing good development in areas of need and conflict, by listening first.

This is the only way our country can regain lost moral ground, in a world where conflicts always deepen when we enter foreign territory with weapons blazing. We must not hide behind the walls and warfare of permanent homeland insecurity, but go boldly without guns into the world. The most powerful nation must demonstrate true Christian courage—becoming specialist in listening, understanding, and resolving the tremendous disparity, the hellish grief, between rich and poor.

We have only to look deeply into the eyes of our loved ones this Christmas, to know the great gifts we have received, and to realize our family extends into all corners and caves around the world. Our Savior was born in a stable.

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